Disappearing planes. The whole political career of Donald Trump. China. Lukaschenka. Turkey. Guantanamo Bay. The former German terrorist organisation NSU. The death of Osama. Continue with this list on your own. If you want.

Imagine the possibility of another intelligent species existing out there in the universe. They observe us and are able to feel human emotions. For the sheer matter of entertainment this would be huge. Better than anything else. While watching us, they’d also live through everything: sorrow. anger. shame. hate. sometimes love. fright. Another list you can complete by yourself. 😉

You cannot imagine.

In some way of thinking we can be glad about not knowing every single detail regarding those things mentioned above. This would blow my mind. Literally.
Even without being a conspiracy theorist, this is a fact. We will never know everything.

Should we?

Julian Carax

10 Kommentare zu „Knowledge.

  1. I dont even know some of the things referenced. I also dont understand why we go there all the time. I also dont know what to do with the information and I also dont know if I understood it if it would help or how it would help.

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    1. I don’t know either. That is why I am sharing my thoughts. Wanna know how others feel about it.
      May I just wish that 100 % knowledge about everything would improve society. Or at least change something to the good.



      1. 100 % knowledge. That’s like asking for 40 odd cherries on a cake and still want to eat it all including the doughnuts and tarts that’s on the next plate. Can you handle all of that and still cook up a storm.
        I can only handle what is my plate, that which has been provided for me, to digest, find satisfaction and prepare the next meal along those lines. It gets better all the time. In this way I become a wonderful and sort after aroma to those who come to eat with me, sit at my table and feast on those delights. That is my recipe

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