Life in a bubble.

I work in a restaurant in the middle of the city. It’s a busy location with people from all over the world, all social classes and colours.

A great job and place. Especially for watching humans and studying their behaviour. The forecourt of hell is far more desirable. Social abysses at their best. I should possibly start writing about it. 🙃

One day in June.

Two women. One baby. Three men. My age. Except for the little one. White. Educated. Typical German middle class.

The mother is breastfeeding her child. Without any privacy screen. I really feel uncomfortable serving her the baked potatoe. Daily struggle. I have given up complaining. Not worth the effort.

I get an idea of the content of their conversation. Boring as their personalities. As far as I can judge. I am sure, privately I wouldn’t wanna spend even one second of my time with them.

They are talking about the killing of George Floyd. An omnipresent topic at that time.

„That wouldn’t happen here in Germany.“

Everything said.

Julian Carax

8 Kommentare zu „Life in a bubble.

  1. Thank you for this very important summary, Julian. The question is important too, because we are living in a democratic ruled state. As we dont know explicitely what the real economic issues and actions, we at least should know more about our security, and in which way this could be guaranted. Best wishes, Michael

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