Corona update.

For the first time in five years I am able to stay at home for Christmas. I mean the whole time. Not only one or one and half days. But all three days. This is kind of special. I really do not know how it will feel like.

Plus I am free on New Year’s Eve. YippiYeah. Big party. Wait. No. But still. For the first time in five years. Thank you Mutti Merkel. 😊

As you might have recognised all existing rules to fight Corona were extended by the German government. At least till January 10th.

That means only five persons of two different households are allowed to meet. Children under the age of 14 don’t count. This rule changes from 23rd of Dezember till January 1st. Meetings with 10 persons will be allowed. If it is family or really close friends.

Especially this issue is discussed a lot. It assumes that Corona is on holiday during that time too. Some would say.

But all 16 federal states are allowed to tighten the rules if numbers increase. In Berlin only five persons all allowed to meet for all the time. No exceptions. I think other states will follow. Unfortunately.

Furthermore I do not think I will be back at work until the end of January. Definitely not before.

Winter is here.

Wish you all the best.

Julian Carax

7 Kommentare zu „Corona update.

  1. I think the rules will be tightened in the whole country.
    There are ideas to do a complete lockdown from 27 of december to 3rd or 10 of january. Only supermarkets will stay open.
    The increasing number of intensive care patients is thought-provoking.

    Best wishes
    Sabine from 🕷 🕸

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