Staying home.

The fourth week at home just began. Preparing breakfast around lunchtime. Coffee, toast, scrambled eggs, cheese and the news on television. Sounds fine so far, doesn’t it? Despite the news, that was great as usual.

Nothing has been officially declared by our government yet. Mutti Merkel will meet her governors in order to discussing further Corona measures on Wednesday. The day after she will present the outcome to the public.

If you look at the developements over the last couple of weeks, it is very likely that the current measures will be extended. Some might even be tightened. From my perspective both is very reasonable. The goal remains that no one has to be alone at Christmas. This is what Angela Merkel has been trying to achieve ever since the Corona situation got worse at the end of summer. A very honourable move. Especially because you can truly believe that this certain wish is spoken from her heart. 
My opinion. My feelings! 

As a result I will have a lot more free time on my hands again. Could be the best time in the world. On other days it feels dark. Very dark. Dangerously dark.  

At least Valentin and I are still getting some money. Even if we are not allowed to work, as restaurants are closed. With the help of the government our employers keep being able to pay us. 
This is called short-time allowance. Every employer can apply for this kind of financial support if certain conditions are given. All employees get 60 % of their average wage at first. After four months the percentage raises to 70 % and after seven months to 80 %. If you have a child it is: 67 %, 77 % and 87 %. 
I won’t talk about the lost amount of tips given by guests at this point. 

I can say, whether the government decides to stick to their politics (or even to tighten specific rules), or not: I trust them and I feel safe. Even if tough times lie ahead of me. Financially and, even more so, mentally. As long as nobody is forced to spend the holidays in loneliness because of Corona I am ready to face winter.

How do you feel? And how do you feel about your government dealing with this historic time? Please tell us and share your experiences. If you like. 🙂

See you next Monday.

Stay home. Stay safe. Take care.

Julian Carax

9 Kommentare zu „Staying home.

  1. Das bekomme ich nicht in Englisch hin.
    Wenn die Länder (also unsere) nicht alle so sehr auf ihre eingenen Richtlinien bestehen würden, hätte Frau Merkel die Schrauben schon enger gezogen. Ich drücke das jetzt mal so krass aus.
    Ich stehe auch hinter unser Regierung und ich verstehe auch die anderen Länder, da ja zu Anfang die Zahlen sehr auseinander gingen. Aber jetzt sollten wir doch alle am gemeinsamen Strang ziehen.
    Gerade damit, wie du sagst Weihnachten keiner alleine sein muss. (ausgenommen die, bei denen es leider nicht anders geht)

    Ich hoffe sehr, dass deine Dunkelheit nicht zu dunkel wird.

    Viele Grüße Sandra

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  2. Beautifully articulated opinion and appreciation. Mutti Merkel, lol, that’s cute. Although an iron lady in her own league, she does give a more motherly appearance, unlike Margaret Thatcher from days gone. Conservative and mainly centred right, the two women would join each other for tea, I think. Mutti Merkel has softer eyes.
    Ok i digress, i was just thinking about the days of Thatcherism and wondered how she would’ve responded to Covid.
    Things are organised in Germany, I’m just thinking about the unemployed, those who had no work when Covid set in, and what are their benefits in these trying times.
    Wishing you all the best as the winter season sets in. It was to be expected. Mobility and movements is a huge factor for infection rates to soar, besides the virus thrives in the cold.
    Keep warm and safe

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    1. Thank you for your nice words at the beginning. Means a lot to me.

      Honestly; I can´t say anything about M. Thatcher. I know the name and that she was kind of important at one time in history. That´s it. May I need to fill that gap of knowledge in the future.

      Keep safe and take care, too.


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  3. I think government is dealing ok in this historic time.
    But in summer I thought – like a lot of scientists – that autumn and winter will be a difficult time.
    When pupils return from holidays, and when life takes place inside.
    I would have wished clearer and simpler informations for everyone to understand.
    Cause only shocking numbers don’t last long and people are getting tired or anxious.

    Let’s see what winter brings, but I am slightly optimistic.

    Stay home – take care
    Sabine vom 🕷 🕸

    p.s.: my first english post since 🙄 uiuiuiuiui

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    1. You did great Sabine. How long has it really been since you last wrote some English comments?

      I think everyone wants to have simple, reasonable and understandable rules and guidance. But as this has never happen before, everybody is feeling unsure about how to deal with that pandemic. Even politicians. I think they have learned from summer and decisions will be made more precise. That is why I am optimistic too. Despite the fact that this isn’t over and winter will be tough.

      Take care


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      1. 😄 many many years since I wrote something in English.
        But I like to read texts in original languages.
        So I have a relatively large passive vocabulary.
        Stay safe
        Sabine vom 🕷 🕸

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