Volle Zustimmung auf der Front-

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Have you ever thought any of the following? . “I can’t travel until…” . “I won’t be happy until I find “the one”.” . “I’ll wear that bathing suit when (i remove my tattoo, get thinner, my scar goes away). . “I will start (insert goal here) when (insert transition here) happens”. . “We will work on our relationship stuff after the baby is born”. . “Ill start taking care of myself after (insert obligation here)”. . “When the kids grow up we’ll focus on our relationship again”. . Do you allow delays or disruptions to ruin your day because you won’t be “happy” or “okay” until you get “there”? . We’ve all had thoughts and experiences like this. Of wanting something but believing we can’t have it “until” or of being kept from something and creating our own misery by thinking life only starts once we get it. . But life is now. Life is still happening when you’re stuck in traffic. When your flight is delayed. . Life is happening right now. And delaying your awareness of and experience within it until you have the baby, get the money, get the partner, lose the weight, start the business, move to the city creates distance from the empowerment and fulfillment you can feel now. . This is not to say focusing on your future self & goals isn’t important – it is – but those things are best reached through allowing yourself to be a part of your process – in which each day counts and each day is valuable. . This is your permission to be a part of your life (and perhaps find moments of joy) even when things aren’t quite “right”.

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Ohnehin eine spannende Seite https://www.instagram.com/lizlistens/?hl=de, wenn man nach Achtsamkeit, Zufriedenheit, Fähigkeit zur Selbstfürsorge und einem gesunden Umgang in seiner Partnerschaft strebt-


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