you lovely humans out there. First of all, I wish you all the best for this year. Stay healthy. Stay strong. You are not alone.

When I started with these Monday-English-sessions I wanted to bring in something new. Widen our portfolio. Gain more followers, of course.

Based on false assumptions and expectations much too high I feel like I failed. In some way.

I haven’t managed to write an English text for the past two weeks. Some of the texts before were rubbish. I did not put any passion in them. Honestly spoken. This feels bad.

In general, I’ve realized that I am more likely to write if I am emotionally linked to the topic. That is why I often address personal stuff. But in order to expressing my feelings I am more comfortable using my mother tongue. For obvious reasons.

But even in German I am not able to publish blogposts frequently.

In the future I might post English texts again. When there is a topic I think the whole world should know about, for example. But not on a regular basis. I hope you understand.

Furthermore, I would like to thank Valentin again. V. is the driving force behind our blog and is doing all the work I don’t like or don’t want to do. It is not just about writing texts. It is about so much more. All of you will know. Thank you, Valentin.

Julian Carax

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  1. Hallo Julian,
    ich kann kein Englisch und fühle mich in meiner Muttersprache besser aufgehoben. (auch wenn ich mir jedes Mal den Google Übersetzer geschnappt habe 😀 ) Ja du schreibst nach Gefühl, das habe ich schon gemerkt ❤
    Ich glaube auch, dass dein Ergeiz dich da wohl bissel in den Hintern beißt 😀
    Also mach es weiter nach Gefühl und wenn du denkst, es sollte mal wieder international sein, dann wird es einen solchen Beitrag von dir geben, wenn er für dich passt 🙂
    Ich freu mich schon drauf, wie auf alle deine Beiträge.
    Etwas zu erzwingen geht meißt nach hinten los (siehe 2 Wochen kein englicher Text 😉 )
    So jetzt habe ich dich genug zugelabert. 😉
    Viele Grüße Sandra
    PS: Ich finde es absolut erstaunlich, wie Valentin das hier macht. Vor allem weil er seine Follower alle kennt und immer individuell auf sie eingeht. Unglaublich!!

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    1. Liebe Sandra,

      danke für dein Kommentar. Erzwingen geht bei mir tatsächlich gar nicht. Es löst eher das Gegenteil aus. Daher ab jetzt nur noch nach Gefühl. 🙂
      Ich weiß aber nicht, ob es nur mein Ehrgeiz ist bzw war. Wohl eher ein paar falsche Annahmen und eine Fehleinschätzung meinerseits. Kann ich auf jeden Fall unter nützliche Erfahrung verbuchen.

      Was Valentin im Bereich der customer relationships macht, ist der absolute Wahnsinn. Danke!!
      Er kennt Euch wirklich alle. D

      Bitte laber uns immer weiter zu. Wir mögen das. 🙂

      Liebe Grüße


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  2. Please don’t pressure yourself too much. I get you wanting to gain more followers, wanting to spread your message (around the globe!), but writing in a language you don’t feel comfortable in when your writing is linked to emotions might be… not exactly “too difficult”, but maybe just something that doesn’t sit right with you. Maybe you didn’t fail at all but instead listened (subconciously?) to your gut feeling? 😉

    Best regards,
    (someone who had a lot of therapy sessions in English bc they are way more comfortable with expressing emotions et cetera in that language, haha… It’s not perfect, but the knowledge is there, I guess..?)
    (If you are interested in this, by the way – there are some studies by now indicating that different languages affect the way people express themselves, the way they communicate et cetera regarding emotions, personality traits, and so on!)

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    1. Puh.

      Thank you a lot for your comment. I haven’t looked at it the way you described. I def heard to my gut feeling. May I was just pressured too much by producing a text at this defined date. Because normally I am able to express my feelings in English, too. Now I am confused. With myself. xD

      I need to think about that. Listen inside me.

      I am so grateful for your input. Makes me Think. I def like that a lot.

      Best wishes



  3. I don’t think it’s a language barrier. My feeling is that it’s tough to write English texts when you have a brought audience which is mainly German. The two of you could go once in a while in some kind of dialogue. That will interest both, English and German speakers. So you guys can keep up with both languages. Just saying 😉

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    1. Hello Hello.

      At this time now you may are right with your assumption. It probably really isn´t a language barrier. I thought about that, too. Your point with us having a audience mainly German speaking is 100 % true. I felt this kind of trouble right at the beginning.
      It made and makes me feel: „For whom am I doing this, if all of you speak Germany anyway?“.Thank you for speaking this out loud. I am amazed. really.

      But I haven´t understand what you mean by “ The two of you could go once in a while in some kind of dialogue“. What do you mean? How should this work? I am really interested in that point. Sounds interesting.

      Take care and beste wishes.


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      1. Well, Valentin mostly reacts to your posts via comment.
        Obviously the two of you have a special bond.
        The easiest way would be writing a letter to each other. You react to certain topics he mentioned and compliment them with your own and vice versa.
        Followers who read Valentin’s German texts will be way more interested in your English texts. The same will be the other way around.
        Or only one of you react to the other person’s posts.
        This would connect the English and German readers at the same time.
        Just think about the idea, maybe you have a better one.
        Cheers, Barbara

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  4. Oh J and V.. whether in German (which i don’t read 🤣) or English whish is the only language I know ad spanglish..🤣 I know uyour heart and love your stuff anyway cuz I know hyour heart. I do love it when you do write in english too and honor your time and committment to your writing.
    Thank you for supporting me as well and happy NY! ❤️ Cindy

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  5. Oh yeah 😁 creativity can be like a stubborn donkey. The more you pull on him, the more he pushes the hooves into the earth.
    Stay nice with your artistic self and present every now and then a fine carrot in front of his nose.
    Perhaps your ambitions are a little too high? SanNit writes something similar.
    I like to read your posts –
    Liebe Grüße
    Sabine vom 🕷 🕸

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    1. Thank you. Your support and comments mean a lot us.

      Sometimes I hate that stubborn donkey. But I learn to deal with it. I def like your expression with the carrot. Exactly how it has to be.

      Concerning the ambitions issue I answered SanNit. You def gave me something to think about. That is great. Thank you.

      See you around.



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