Carax&VanNuys international.

Hello Hello to everyone,

Who doesn’t speak german. Or only a little. Or only when u are drunk.

There are quite a couple of you out there. We notice you. We see you. We really appreciate all comments and likes.

Some of you even use google translator or similar to get a meaning of what we are saying. That is awesome. We like that.

But please don’t do it this way. It is more than likely that the AI doesn’t translate our texts properly. We use a lot of word play, irony and sarcasm. That makes it difficult for any translator.

Therefore, we decided to share some of our thoughts with you in english. To get you an inside perspective about how we feel about certain issues.

We will start next Monday.

Anything else depends on you and our time management.

We are looking forward to receiving your feedback. Your support means a lot to us.

Take care. Stay healthy. BLM.


11 Kommentare zu „Carax&VanNuys international.

  1. I really like the idea …. without a translator…. anyway so far the best translator from German to English is deepl … maybe because it’s a German company …. just saying😁

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  2. I understood the sarcasm and the idiomatic expressions. Translations issues are why I posted a recent poem as an image. Google translate going from medieval Latin to … a non-Romance language would surely get me screamed at for something. Best of luck. 💚❤️🧡

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